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The purpose of this blog is mainly to house my ruminations on technical aspects of political campaigning, voter registration lists, GOTV techniques, and similar hum-drum topics on which I claim to be some kind of authority.

I suppose it’ll also accumulate my opinionated bloviation on topics where I don’t know any more than anybody else does.

For about ten years, I have posted articles to, maintained originally by Matt Ferguson, and then by Eric Baerren. I appreciate their support in making my writing available to the public, and even promoting some of my posts. But it’s time to take responsibility upon myself.

I plan to retrieve and re-post here some of the more important material previously posted to Michigan Liberal. But first, I have to figure out how to use this platform effectively.

The Author

Mathematically inclined voter list jockey. The last practicing hippie politician in America. Was elected forty years ago, at age 23, to the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, representing the Michigan State University campus - and I'm still there, now representing some of the grandchildren of my original constituents. A sometime attorney, whose practice is closer to a hobby than a profession.

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